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Dethroned Emperor - Undermine

Dethroned Emperor – Undermine

The first 'true' release by these masters of depraved feral urges. Base, instinctive and unashamedly violent - Dethroned Emperor put 99% of bestial death and grindcore outfits to shame.
Neige Morte

Neige Morte

Vicious, uncompromising and experimental, Neige Morte are another fine example of France's indispensable contribution to the underground. Out now on Aurora Borealis.

Antediluvian – Watchers Reign Now Available

Finally, someone has put together all of Antediluvian’s materials pre-Under Wing Of Asael in one tidy compilation CD. Invictus Productions announced its availability today: Combining all early Antediluvian material before their most recent demo, this comp CD is a dirge of filthy, suffocating, abyssic Death Metal. The soundtrack to you drowning in a sea of...