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Schopenhauer, Pessimism & Black Metal

Schopenhauer, Pessimism & Black Metal

A reworking of our Schopenhauer & black metal piece. An attempt to elucidate the similarities between black metal and the famous pessimist.
Paysage d'hiver: Wintherr Speaks

Paysage d’hiver: Wintherr Speaks

Join us as Wintherr, herald and sole wanderer behind Paysage d'hiver, waxes on the sublime, art, upcoming releases and his own personal meditations.

Horse Latitudes – Gathering

Low end riffing, spiritual affirmation, hypnotised euphoria; Horse Latitude’s dual bass incantations capture the most surreal, epic and psychedelic voyage into the annals of doom since Horseback raised our consciousnesses with The Invisible Mountain last year.