Jurrien Timber Girlfriend 2022, Who is Jurrien Timbers Girlfriend?

Jurrien Timber Girlfriend 2022 who is Jurrien Timber’s girlfriend? Do Jurrien Timber has a girlfriend? are the most pressing questions of the moment; luckily we’ve got the details on Jurrien Timber Girlfriend in 2022. The following sections will inform you of the entire information regarding Jurrien Timber Girlfriend 2022.

Who is Jurrien Timber’s Girlfriend?

Jurrien Timber Girlfriend 2022, In 2022 Jurrien Timber has been single since 2022 and does not have an ex-girlfriend (according to the website wtfoot). Jurrien Timber, an Dutch professional footballer born on the 17th of June, 2001. Learn more information about Jurrien Timber through the sections below.

Jurrien Timber Biography

Jurrien Timber The Dutch professional footballer’s biography is searched by people who follow him. Here is the Jurrien Timber bio and many more information.
Jurrien Timber’s birthday was the 17th of June 2001. Jurrien Timber is gaining more recognition, and there are many people who look for Jurrien Timber’s bio. Yes, read Jurrien Timber’s biography here.

The first thing to discuss is Jurrien Timber’s age, according to the biographer Jurrien Timber is 21 years old. older. According to the the biography writer, Jurrien Timber stands 179 centimeters tall. Take a look at the entire Jurrien Timber bio from this table.

Name Jurrien Timber
Real Name Jurrien David Norman Timber
Date of Birth 17 June 2001
Age 21 years old
Birthplace Utrecht, Netherlands
Height 179 cm
Weight 79 kg

Jurrien Timber Real Name

The majority of people do not have any idea of Jurrien Timber’s actual name, so make sure to read this section to find out the Jurrien Timber’s real name. Based on the biogist’s information, it’s well-known the fact that Jurrien Timber’s true title was Jurrien David Norman Timber.

Jurrien Timber Age

Jurrien Timber was born the 17th of June 2001. According to the Jurrien Timber Biography table Jurrien Timber is 21 years old. young. Jurrien Timber was born in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Jurrien Timber Height and Weight

For those who aren’t sure the height Jurrien Timber is, can look up this page. According to biographygist.com, Jurrien Timber stands 179 centimeters tall , and is weighing 79 lbs.

Jurrien Timber Net Worth

Jurrien Timber is so famous and popular and. If you’re one of those who are looking for Jurrien Timber’s net worth then this is the data. According to oprice Jurrien Timber net worth is estimated to be between $2.5 million to $8.6 Million.

Jurrien Timber Girlfriend

Jurrien Timber Girlfriend 2022.

Jurrien Timber Girlfriend 2022, Is Jurrien Timber, the Dutch professional soccer player Jurrien Timber married? Or whom is Jurrien Timber’s wife? The fans of Jurrien Timber are keen to learn about his private life. According to wtfoot, the singer is not married.

Jurrien Timber Girlfriend – FAQs

1. Is Jurrien Timber already have a girlfriend?

No, he’s single.

2. How old do you think is Jurrien Timber’s age?

Jurrien Timber’s age range is about 21 years old.

3. How tall do you think is Jurrien Timber’s height?

Jurrien Timber’s length is around 179 centimeters.

4. Is it worth Jurrien Timber’s Net Worth?

Jurrien Timber’s net worth is estimated at $2.5 million or $8.6 Million.

5. Which is Jurrien Timber’s birth date?

Jurrien Timber was born the 17th of June 2001.

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